Jobs and the Economy

Keeping and creating jobs is Jim Butler’s top priority. For too long, Ohio and the Miami Valley have fallen behind. Jim Butler is working to make Ohio a better place to do business by reforming taxes and regulations, improving education and cutting the skyrocketing cost of healthcare.


jobs and the economy

healthcare affordability

Health Care Affordability and Transparency

Jim Butler knows skyrocketing health care costs are straining Ohio families and are a major threat to Ohio’s economy. He’s been a leader in the effort to make health care more affordable and transparent. He authored landmark legislation in an effort to provide consumers with more information about the cost of their care. Butler has also proposed a plan to spur health care research to cure diseases and save lives.  He is additionally working hard on legislation to introduce innovative substance abuse treatment to our state to curb the growing drug crisis. 



Leadership for Our Schools

As a parent and community leader, Jim Butler supports our local schools. As our state representative, he has fought to make a difference. Jim Butler is an advocate for local control and voted to cut mandates on our local schools so teachers can teach and students can learn. He has supported increased funding for schools, including career tech education, so students can be prepared for a college or career after high school.


college affordability

College Affordability

Colleges and universities are within geographic reach of every Ohioan. But for too many families, the cost of a college education is increasingly out of reach. Jim Butler knows it will take real solutions to solve the problem. He has supported major reform efforts to make colleges and universities more efficient and more accountable.



Balancing the Budget

Jim Butler has worked hard to make government more efficient and more responsive. He has fought to balance the budget, protect our tax dollars and cut taxes so families can keep more of what they earn.


balanced budget

supporting armed forces and veterans

Supporting Our Armed Forces and Our Veterans

Jim Butler is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and flew F-14 Tomcats in the Navy. He has seen firsthand the commitment the men and women of our military have to protecting America and our freedom. He recently introduced legislation to cut red tape so military spouses and members can more easily secure state occupational licenses when they relocate to Ohio.  As our state representative, Jim Butler has always supported our veterans. He authored and passed a law giving credit to businesses bidding on state contracts if they hire veterans.